DSV CLASSIC PLUS - the complete package for all eventualities

The DSV CLASSIC PLUS insurance package covers claims from the direct pursuit of winter sport, as well as insuring the travel risk and the stay at the ski or vacation resort. Valid year-round for all holiday trips, regardless of summer or winter. It also covers other equipment in addition to skis and snowboards. Includes: liability, health, legal and accident insurance (including rescue costs). Also includes a choice of treatment costs abroad or hospital per diem.


  • Theft, breakage and damage
  • Accident insurance (rescue costs)
  • Liability, legal and health insurance
  • Travel and sojourn risk
  • Valid for all vacation travel
  • Travel health insurance
  • Additional equipment

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Our benefits

Skis, snowboards, ski helmets and other winter sports equipment

  • Own and commercially rented skis, snowboards and ski helmets
    Skis/snowboards, helmets, poles, ski/snowboarding boots and much more, up to € 10,000
  • In the event of theft - even in front of the ski hut
  • In the event of breakage or damage


  • Rescue costs, including helicopter retrieval
  • Disability benefit
  • Transition benefit
  • Rehab management


  • Treatment costs abroad or hospital per diem
  • Initial transport to doctor/hospital
  • Repatriation
  • Transportation


  • Including bad-debt coverage
  • Personal injury and/or property damage
  • Loss of key to vacation lodgings

Legal insurance

  • Assertion of own claims for damages, e.g. following an accident due to third-party negligence on the slope.

Area of applicability

For policy holders whose permanent residence is in Europe, insurance coverage applies world-wide. For policy holders whose permanent residence is outside of Europe, insurance coverage applies within Europe.

  • € 50.00per year
    per person
    Single membership
  • € 47.00per year
    per person
    Partner membership
    Get even better value for your insurance by getting together with others for a partner membership.

    • Designation of the person who is in authority (e.g. for invoicing)
    • Uniform insurance coverage for all members
  • € 115.60per year
    per family
    Family membership
    The family package offers you significant price advantages for family members and children under the age of 18. All insurance packages – DSV BASIC, DSV CLASSIC and DSV CLASSIC PLUS – can be upgraded to family memberships. You pay a single family premium and enjoy the same insurance coverage for all family members at a lower premium rate.


DSV supplementary insurance lets you cover losses not included
in the coverage of the DSV packages.



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