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DSV travel cancellation insurance

One policy that's good for the whole year! Regardless of how often or where you want to go.

DSV aktiv members have the option of purchasing a travel cancellation policy which provides year-round coverage – at an extraordinarily low premium rate. Every trip (except for business trips) booked during the term of the policy is insured up to the full travel price or the maximum insured amount, whichever is lower. This travel cancellation policy can also be concluded for all individuals covered by a family membership.

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DSV travel cancellation insurance
DSV travel cancellation insurance reimburses you if you cannot start or must cut short your trip, as well as resultant additional costs due to:

  • Severe accidental injury, unexpected serious illness or death
  • Pregnancy
  • Vaccine intolerance
  • Damage to property owned by policyholder
  • Loss of employment
  • Commencement of employment (by formerly unemployed individuals)

Flexibly adaptable coverage - Overview of benefits

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  Individual policy   family policy*  
For all trips up to a max. insured amount of € 1,500
(per person)
Insured amount € 3,000
(per person)
Insured amount € 3,000
(per family)
Insured amount € 6,000
(per family)
DSV aktiv members aged 65 or under 30,50 € 58,10 € 61,10 € 119,30 €
DSV aktiv members above the age of 65 33,80 € 64,40 € 67,70 € 132,20 €

*The family policy can be combined with an existing family membership or issued in conjunction with a new family membership (= parents with children aged 18 or under).

Insured amounts can be increased during a given policy year to € 3,000 (individual policy) or € 6,000 (family policy). The additional premium amount will then be computed on a pro rated basis. If an insured individual – including one covered by a family policy – reaches the age of 66 during the year, a higher premium will be charged. Insurance policies will be issued for individuals above the age of 75 only if they have been DSV aktiv members for an uninterrupted period of at least three years.

Please note

Policyholders are charged a deductible amount of € 25 per person for every insurance claim. If an insurance claim is based on illness, accidental injury or pregnancy, the policyholder must pay 20% of the reimbursable claim amount – or a minimum of € 25 per person. The deductable amount does not apply in cases of inpatient hospital treatment. The deductible amount applies to each rented object in cases involving rented holiday apartments.

4-Season Combo: attractively priced year-round accident insurance

If your leisure sports activities include summer sports, such as cycling, jogging, inline skating, etc., the 4-Season Combo policy provides you with the proven DSV aktiv security coverage all year round – even during the summer months. The 4-Season Combo expands the accident insurance coverage of the DSV CLASSIC and DSV CLASSIC PLUS packages to cover all leisure-time accidents of daily life (not employment, vocational qualification or school) with the same benefits. At an unbeatable price.

Additional premium for the 4-Season Combo:

  DSV CLASSIC insurance package DSV CLASSIC PLUS insurance package
For individual and partner policies 8,25€ (per Person) 13,75€ (per Person)
For family insurance 19,45€ (per family) 32,40€ (per family)
DSV professional ski instructor insurance

Security for professionals! If you are gainfully employed as a ski instructor (professional ski instruction provided by ski schools, sport shops, travel agencies, etc.), your occupational risks are covered by this policy option. This option is available in conjunction with the DSV CLASSIC and DSV CLASSIC Plus packages only.

Additional premium for professional ski instructor insurance 18,50 €

DSV luggage insurance

Sensible protection for your luggage. Don’t let lost or damaged luggage spoil your holidays! This insurance option covers the personal luggage you take with you on holiday trips for periods of at least four days.

Supplementary insurance per claim up to 2.600,- €
The additional premium for DSV luggage insurance is 20,95 €

Supplementary insurance per claim up to 5.200,- €
The additional premium for DSV luggage insurance is 41,90 €

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