1) For DSV BASIC: when directly participating in winter sports. 2) Insurance coverage for theft applies between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. also in front of the ski hut (between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. only in a fixed room or locked motor vehicle). The insured value is 100 % of the original purchase price in the year following the day of purchase, 80 % in the 2nd year, 60 % in the 3rd year, 40 % in the 4th year and 20 % from the fifth year on. For skis and snowboards with bindings, reimbursement up to the purchase price (max. € 10,000); for ski helmets up to € 100 in DSV BASIC, € 150 in DSV CLASSIC and max. € 10,000 in DSV CLASSIC PLUS. 3) Following a claim, a deductible of 20 % applies for all further claims in the same insurance year and the two subsequent insurance years. 4) Disability benefits are provided from a disability level of 20 %. 5) Insurance cover provided for trips with a duration of up to 42 days each. 6) DSV CLASSIC PLUS gives you a choice: instead of payment of a hospital per diem, you can select reimbursement of outpatient and inpatient treatment costs during a stay abroad after payment by any other payer that may exist. If you choose DSV BASIC or DSV CLASSIC coverage, an additional foreign travel health insurance may be necessary. 7) From an amount of more than € 2,500. 8) For loss of third-party keys to holiday lodging. A € 50 deductible applies.



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